There are a couple things that I want to explain when it comes to where you are getting ready.

How to choose a getting ready location that best fits you.

Why natural light is so important.

Lets start with how to choose a getting ready location. I cannot stress enough how important this is. I am a story teller. In order to have a proper story, like writing, you need a beginning, middle and end. You want the beginning of the day to start to paint the picture of what is to come. You want this place to have the same feel, the same mood, and most importantly the same light to tell the complete story. If you are having a wedding on the beach, it would make sense to have you getting ready in an airbnb that has a beach theme, it wouldn’t make as much sense to have you getting ready in a duck lodge. If you are having an outside wedding in the woods, you don’t want to get ready in a hotel, it would make more sense with the story to get ready somewhere like a cabin. Or to get ready in a place with lots of window, or hell, get ready in a TP! There are so many ways to tell the story but you want it to feel complete and UNIQUE to what YOU are trying to accomplish. Your wedding is a day that you get to create however you want, make it good!

Next, lets talk about natural light in the place you are getting ready. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. So many brides are like oh yeah, whatever. If you want to take your shots to the next level- just listen and do this!

The shot below is a black and white photo, but mixing fluorescent and natural light creates weird colors in a photo, so it’s bests to use only natural light. I want to show you the difference so you can see with your own two eyes.¬†Here is a picture where there was no natural light in the room, all the light was just from the ring light the makeup artist was using. Do you see the shadow on her face? Do you see how flat the image looks?

I am one to find the natural light, so I moved her into the next room with a window in it.

There is a window to the left and a bed to the right. Do you see how much the image pops compared to the top? I made the makeup artist put all her stuff to the side making this a blank canvas where the sole focus is who it should be on, Megan. This brings me to my next point. You want a clean area. Do you see how distracting all the stuff is around her in the top? We don’t want this. The main focus should be YOU.¬†There is nothing worse than a beautiful image with random bags, starbucks cups and trash in the background.

There ya have it. Two things that I feel like are super important to think about on your wedding day!



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