What exactly is an adventure elopement?

While traditional weddings are still better known, more and more couples are choosing to elope each year. They do so for many reasons: to escape the pressures of a “standard” wedding, to keep the focus on them and them alone, to create an adventure around their special day, or just to make their day a little more unique.

This isn’t just a wedding ceremony followed by a reception; it’s a vacation, an experience, an adventure, and a precious memory all rolled into one. An adventure elopement takes the elopement experience a step farther and often ties in an outdoor or extreme sport interest of the couple: think of mountain hikes, surfing, or skiing.


Do I really need an adventure elopement photographer?

Whatever the reason they’ve chosen an elopement, there is one thing that every eloping couple needs: a stand-out elopement photographer!

Just like an elopement isn’t your run-of-the-mill wedding, an adventure elopement photographer is not your run-of-the-mill photographer. It takes a special attention to detail and a knack for capturing scenes and feelings to truly master photographing an elopement.

A great adventure elopement photographer will be there to capture every important moment: from the first time you lay eyes on your bride, to the hour when the sun starts to set as you walk into the surf of La Jolla Beach.

They’ll capture the feeling of your day so you can share it with family or friends in years to come. They’ll capture the memories of your adventure and the special time you shared with your loved ones. Not only will you have beautiful travel photographs, (Planning a wedding and a trip to a gorgeous destination all in one? Way to go, you!), but the images will be able to recreate the beauty of your special place so you can remember exactly how your day felt.

You may never return to this location, or if you do, it might be many years before you return. You’re going to want to remember exactly how everything looked. Places change, and you want the exact feeling of your day to be captured forever.

So, you want a photographer who is experienced with shooting nature, travel, people, details, right? Yes, you do.

You don’t want a point-and-shoot wedding photographer who will give you the same posed pictures as any standard wedding. You aren’t having a standard wedding, and your images from this experience shouldn’t be standard either. You want someone who will capture the way the wind rippled over Pike’s Peak as your beloved kissed you for the first time as your husband. You want someone who will create an image of you standing on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset where you are the most intriguing part of the photo.

Don’t sacrifice your photos because you’re having an unconventional or nontraditional ceremony. Put the focus on what you’ll be looking at for years and hire someone who will be sure to capture the best of every part of your day!

This is where I come in:

I’m an adventure elopement photographer who is most inspired by time spent outdoors. I have spent many happy hours photographing amazing couples in gorgeous locations: the middle of the woods, surfing in the Pacific, a weekend in Mexico, and many more. My images will show your love for each other as a couple, the joy you bring to your day, and the incredible natural backdrop that you’ve chosen.

Whether you’re a beach-bound couple, planning a wedding in the woods, or getting married on a mountain-top, you want someone who gets you, but who also gets the shot. Wherever your destination, I’ll be right by your side, camera in one hand and passport in the other.


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