When it comes to weddings, nothing lasts longer than your wedding photos. One day your wedding shoes won’t fit, your cake will be all gone, and even many of your gifts will be broken, used up, or regifted. The photos are honestly all you have left. You spent a lot of money and time towards them so why not show them off.

Sure, you can show people these pictures on your smartphone but these are photos of one of the most important days of your life so far. Don’t they deserve a bit more respect than being crammed into a 6×3 inch screen and swiped through with your fingers? I don’t know about you, but having hard copies of photos has always been a little bit more nostalgic.

There’s no better way to honor your wedding day and the gorgeous photos that resulted than by ordering a custom wedding album. Let’s be real, you are never going to be this young again and you probably won’t be as well-dressed or made-up. These are the photos that you want to show off and look at frequently, reminiscing of the days when you were looking fine as hell and madly in love.

Why else should you order a wedding album? Check out three big reasons below!

1. They don’t have to be one-size-fits-all. 

You can personalize the layouts, cover style, number of page spreads, and even paper type to make your album reflect the style of your wedding day. This doesn’t have to be a carbon copy of every other wedding album you’ve seen. 

You might prefer a leather cover or maybe fabric? There are lots of options when it comes to personalizing your album. Prices of albums vary, check out the detailed options below!

2. They offer a peek into your day for those who couldn’t attend. 

Have family from out of town? Want to show your kids what their parents’ wedding day was all about? An album is the perfect way to look inside your wedding day and see what the vibe was like for anyone who wasn’t able to attend the actual day. 

3. They make excellent parent gifts. 

Your parents likely supported you in many ways leading up to your wedding day, possibly even financially. Show them how much you appreciate them and give them a keepsake of the day by ordering a parent album. Bonus: these are often discounted when you order your own wedding album, and then your parents can brag about your day over and over!