Should I do a first look? 


This quiet moment on your day is often one of the most-cherished by newlyweds looking back on their wedding. I want to be honest with you for a moment.  The nervousness is real and by the time you are dressed, all you really want to do is walk down the aisle and marry your person. There are a couple things that are wonderful about the first look.



You can calm your nerves. Guys, I’ve known some grooms who initailly were wary about the first look, but were later SO happy about doing it because it really helps you calm down before the ceremony. All of the tension is gone, and you can take the time to enjoy seeing her for the first time.



You’ll be around so many people getting ready and as the anticipation grows, so does your nervousness. Many bride and grooms love a first look to help calm their nerves before walking down the aisle.


 It is a moment shared between you and your partner and no one else. This is a place where I disappear in the background and  you guys can cry together and not feel like you have to hold back. It is a time where you get a private moment and can touch and kiss all you want without feeling stiff in front of other people!  This is a place where you can feel natural, which is exactly what I want to photograph.




You’re investing alot in your wedding photography. The first look enables you to have even more portraits of the two of you. This is especially true to fall + winter weddings when the sun sets super early. We are able to catch more light.




I have to be real with you. Weddings usually are hectic and you really don’t get to spend a ton of time with the people you love. I want you to have time to do just that. With getting a first look in, rather than being locked up in closed rooms, after the first look, the bridal party portraits take place and you and your friends can relax. Shooting before the ceremony means you can get to the cocktail hour quicker!



The moment when you walk down the aisle is still special; having the first look does nothing to take away how special that is! One more thing, it also makes working with the timeline way easier.

Whatever you decide—it is your wedding day I am up for either.




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