Kind Words

“Addison, you are one special human. Picking you as our wedding photographer was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After falling in love with Addison’s work but deciding to not get married in my home state of Ohio where she resides, we decided that we still had to have her so Addison gladly joined us in Palm Springs, CA! Leading up to the big day, we had so much fun collaborating with her on the type of images we were hoping for and not only was Addison up for some of our non-traditional ideas, she was able to add to them and come back with images that were out of this world better then anything I could ever image. By the time the wedding came around I felt like I had found a new and very special friend in her. So not only did Addison shoot our wedding, but she was also open to doing a little pre-shoot for us in the days leading up to the event so we could get more comfortable in front of the lens before the big day. She was so calm, organized and fun to be around during the day that it felt like we just had one more excited friend attending the wedding. Addison, not only are you an amazing photographer, but you are an incredible person. Thank you for everything you have done for us and for leaving us with the most special memories to savor our day.” – Alexis B


“Our wedding day is one of the most important of our life, and we all want the perfect photos to remember it by. We get specific ideas in mind and even see other photos we want to mimic. Our photos are very important to us. I look back at mine almost everyday, and part of that reason is because my photos capture everything. They capture more than just my pretty dress and my husbands handsomeness. They capture emotion and make it very easy for me to recall what I was feeling in that moment. Addison did so much to take our photos and provide the best she could for us. She even helped with some other details of the wedding when nobody else was there to make sure things were done right. (Our hotel room got double booked and she straightened it out for me because I was running late) I would highly recommend Addison because of her attention to details that matter on your wedding day, her ability to adjust to your particular situation and to all of the people involved, her humor and assistance in making the day stress free, and the way she cares so genuinely about providing her customers with the best photos she possibly can! Oh and her advice is second to none. If she has a suggestion, try it for the chance of having a photo that is the” -Cierra V


“My wife and I chose Addison as our photographer partly because we felt that her work stood out from the rest in terms of quality (lighting, composition, locations, all the “textbook” stuff) but we really loved that her photos seemed honest; not at all contrived. After working with her for our engagement shoot and wedding, we can attest to her genuine and fun personality, her professionalism, and her flexibility. She scouted a ridiculously cool location for our engagement shoot that we couldn’t have even dreamed up. When she worked our wedding, she snagged us to go take photos in a couple spots near the venue that we never would have thought to go, but they ended up being some of our favorite shots of all. She has this ability to take a little fleeting moment and turn it into something you’ll treasure literally for the rest of your life. We aren’t kidding. Looking through the photos from our wedding was like reliving the whole experience. They are just so us – they’re silly and a little mischievous, but the love just oozes out of them. We’re extremely happy customers and if we did it all over again we’d choose Addison a million times over.”- Sam T


“Addison was, simply put, amazing. She is so talented its not even fair! From the moment we spoke on the phone for the very first time I knew that she was the perfect photographer for us. My husband and I were looking for a wedding photographer who was creative, laid back, and professional. Addison is all those things and more. She was so fun to work with and she captured our wedding day perfectly. She also captured some of the MOST precious moments of family that I would have otherwise missed. As a bride, the wedding planning process can get stressful but with Addison i never had to worry about a single thing. She always responded back right away anytime I had a question. We got our pictures back extremely fast and i could not be happier with how they turned out! I am extremely thankful to Addison for such an amazing experience and wedding photos that will always make me cry happy tears when I look at them!” -Meredy S


“My fiancé and I worked with Addison for our engagement photos and I cannot say enough about how great our experience was. I knew from her portfolio that she has an unbelievable eye and a truly special aesthetic vision, but my impression of her work was made all the more clear when she returned our pictures. Our photos are breathtakingly beautiful. I was literally speechless when going through them for the first time. She captured the most touching moments, big and small, and each with equal attention to detail and impeccable composition and use of light and color. How Addison got the shots that she did of us still confounds me, but it suffices to say that she is a gifted artist. Artistic abilities aside, she’s also awesome at all of the other stuff. I had a lot of questions prior to committing, which she gamely fielded with patience and humor. I forgot the shirt that I had planned to wear with my second outfit, but Addison saved the day. Without missing a beat she whipped-out a few shirts she happened to have in her car and let me wear my pick. My fiancé and I were also both fairly nervous and self-conscious about appearing stilted or too contrived in front of the camera. Addison is totally non-judgmental, laidback, and full of tips and tricks that helped us loosen-up and get in the moment, and we ended up having the best morning with her. I could keep going, but you get the idea. Enthusiastic 5-stars. Absolutely can’t wait to work with her again for our wedding.” – Jessica H


“If you want a kickass photographer—hire Addison Jones! My fiancé and I are both graphic designers and knew right away that photography would be one of the most important elements of our engagement and wedding. We immediately loved Addison’s aesthetic—the coloring, light,composition, emotion—she’s a perfectionist! We had such a great experience at our engagement session—she calmed all of our photo jitters and exceeded expectations capturing so many moments. She is so freakin’ PHENOMENAL and down-to-earth.” -Drew