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If you’re wanting a photographer to show up and reenact bubblegum Pinterest poses or those “perfect” look at me and smile shots, we might not be the best fit. If you’re shopping around in hopes of finding the cheapest deal, I will most likely not be your ideal photographer. Honestly, that’s all okay, because you deserve to have a photographer on your big day that will give you exactly what you want.

I know first hand that weddings are hectic and stressful. I know you are probably extremely busy trying to get everything checked off your to-do list before the big day. You’re trying to nail down the big things like the venue and caterers, and all the tiny details too – like what shoes you are going to wear. I know it’s a LOT and realistically, I am not sure how you do it all on your own. Once you hire me, a huge stress should be lifted off your shoulders knowing that someone who cares will capture your wedding properly. I am looking for clients who will view what I do as art, not just another box on their checklist. Photography is the one thing that will be left from that special day for you to remember forever. I want to create impactful images for you, so when you are 20 years into your marriage you can look back on them and FEEL the wedding day all over again.

Being photographed is an intimate experience and can be awkward to some. I get it. I feel awkward in front of the camera too! That’s why it’s important that we connect on all levels, not just from a photography perspective. I want to get to know YOU so I get capture photos of your special relationship, without you even realizing I am there. My style is candid and real; A blend of Editorial and Photojournalism making it what I like to call Phototorial.

I look at you differently than you see yourself. I work hard to capture YOU and everything you encompass as a human being along with the details and emotions of the day. One thing I do promise is you will hear at least one terrible pick up line but more importantly I promise you that you will have fun.

If you are the type that likes to do things outside the norm, lets do it together. If the weather is crap, I want someone willing to embrace it and stand out in it with me in order to get some amazing shots. Quirky, outdoorsy, and happy is what I love.

Lets create some lifetime memories together.