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Inside Cliff at Lyons hotel, Ireland
candles inside the spa at cliff at lyons hotel

If you are looking for an old world charm experience, The Cliff at Lyons hotel in Kildare, Ireland is the place for you. Big luxurious rooms, with an unexpected mix of modern and traditional, are exceptionally special. Because the weather was literally perfect while we visited Ireland and during our time at Cliff at Lyons, …

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Ireland Wedding Venue | Cliff at Lyons
small white chapel at cliff at lyons

There is no doubt that Ireland has a such a deep culture and history. It really is something special. This history makes it an extra special place to get married. If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Ireland, let me suggest Cliff at Lyons to you! When I was heading to Ireland, I started …

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Inside Ashford Castle Ireland | Wedding Venue
inside the gold room at Ashford Castle

Doesn’t everyone dream of wandering about a castle while in Ireland? I know I did! Ashford Castle is the perfect place to visit on your next trip to Ireland, and it can also be your wedding venue for your destination wedding or intimate elopement! A medieval castle, today Ireland’s Ashford Castle serves as a five-star …

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Ik Kil Cenote Near Chichen Itza
couple swimming in ik kil cenote

One of the best things we did on our trip to Mexico was visit the Ik Kil Cenote near Chichen Itza. This cenote was crammed with tourists, but we didn’t mind too much. After the hot day in Chichen Itza, we loved coming here. I would highly suggest going to Chichen Itza first, then coming …

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Visiting Puerto Morelos: A Guide
man sitting outside house in puerto morelos

Thinking about visiting Puerto Morelos, Mexico? Here’s a guide for you! We wanted to go see the Caribbean side to Mexico and my family friend had built a house in Puerto Morelos so we decided to go there. At the time, we didn’t realize from Chelem to Puerto Morelos we would have to go back …

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Crime and Safety in Merida, Mexico
men with a 40 of beer

What I learned about crime and safety in Merida, Mexico:  I want to point out that this was our first time in Mexico. Having heard horror stories about Mexico, my family was VERY hesitant about letting me go. We were going to the heart of Mexico, after all. We couldn’t help but think “What is …

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Look Inside Chichen-itza
a visitor's guide to chichen itza, mexico

 I am here to give you the Chichen-itza Low Down.   The name Chichén Itzá is a Mayan word: CHI (mouth) CHEN (well) and ITZA (of the witch water). The location is believed to have been chosen because there are two large natural sinkholes nearby, which would have provided water year-round. It was also a hub for …

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