If you’re not looking for a typical wedding day, then let’s make a unique experience together.


Whether it’s surf boards on the beach, hiking across a glacier and repelling into an ice cave, or snowboarding down a mountain. I will be your photographer that will to make your day, and your experience fucking amazing.

My job is to help you replace the extraneous bullshit with amazing views, experiencing a new and exciting place, and just generally creating an experience for you and your family and friends to look back on forever.


If you are looking for Adventure Wedding & Adventure Elopement photographer

When I shoot weddings, I like to be there from beginning to end, whether it’s a day, an entire weekend or an epic trip. This allows ample time to build a special friendship with you and your loved one. I dig deep to discover what makes you unique, because how the hell else would they feel  genuine if I didn’t? This is why I love destination elopements so much, they allow me to travel WITH YOU, spend ample time together, and I get to see what you two are all about. For instance, If you like to surf together, lets go surf. If you like to hike together, we go hike. I want to see what makes your love so strong, and capture your day how you want to remember it. Imagine being able to have YOUR PERFECT DAY. In order to really tell a story, you have FEEL something, and my goal is to work my way around and catch glimpses of those moments that no one else sees. When you look back at your special day, I want you to time-warp back to the small but significant memories that are exclusive and meaningful to you.
I describe my style as a blend of intimate photojournalism, offbeat adventure, with an editorial flare. However, I think it’s more complicated. I merge all my artistic mediums; painting, graphic design and photography into my images with a heavy influence from skateboarding and snowboarding. Meaning, I like to do things that are a little more edgy and a lot less “typical”. Who likes “typical” anyways?