Choosing the best photographer was the most important thing to me for my wedding! OK - maybe not THE most important (sorry hubby) - but it was high on my priority list. Everyone says you blink and your wedding is over, so having the best pictures to relive our day was essential. Addison exceeded all of these irrationally high expectations that I had for my photography, and then some! I've never felt more natural, peaceful, and in my element than when I'm working with her. Nothing is worse (from a bridesmaids perspective) than being dragged around for 900 posed pictures. For us, we took maybe 2 posed pictures total She was able to capture everything, everyone, and every moment IN the moment without needing us to stand around posing awkwardly afterward. In essence, she allowed us to LIVE our day without feeling like we were faking our way through it just for a picture. Addison - I LOVE YOU GIRL! I can't picture another major life event passing without you there to document!


I've known Addison for years prior to her shooting my wedding. I've known her creativity, her spunk, her incredibly vibrant and engaging personality.. I just had no idea how beautifully that would translate into wedding photos. I mean, I'd seen her work. I fawned over it. When I asked Addison to shoot my wedding I was so scared she couldn't or was booked - there's no one I found with her eye for quality and artful ingenuity. Thankfully, she obliged and completely blew us away. And not just with the photos. Numerous wedding guests and friends commented on how much they enjoyed spending time with Addison, how she fit so well into the crowd and party (get it girl), and how fun she was to talk to and work with. I can assure you, whether you know Addison or not, she will elevate your day. Even if you're stressed or nervous or need a little help with something random.. she's there. And her positivity brings such a great vibe to all elements of the wedding day: getting ready, portraits, family shots.. it was all smooth sailing. Enjoyable even! I wish I had more reasons to work with Addison. She sees shots I could have never have imagined. She works with light and shadows in a way that's totally mesmerizing. There are shots my husband and I got back that we, never in our wildest dreams, imagined could look so cool or have so much depth. I especially recommend Addison if you want meaningful photos that might be slightly outside the norm. Photos that capture you and your spouse, the surroundings, the light and the mood. The genuine smiles on guests' faces. The little moments you didn't think anyone saw but you. The glances. She can get all of that. In sum: Addison is a complete joy to work with and her pictures are astoundingly beautiful. You will be in excellent hands.


Addison, you are one special human. Picking you as our wedding photographer was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After falling in love with Addison's work but deciding to not get married in my home state of Ohio where she resides, we decided that we still had to have her so Addison gladly joined us in Palm Springs, CA! Leading up to the big day, we had so much fun collaborating with her on the type of images we were hoping for and not only was Addison up for some of our non-traditional ideas, she was able to add to them and come back with images that were out of this world better then anything I could ever image. By the time the wedding came around I felt like I had found a new and very special friend in her. So not only did Addison shoot our wedding, but she was also open to doing a little pre-shoot for us in the days leading up to the event so we could get more comfortable in front of the lens before the big day. She was so calm, organized and fun to be around during the day that it felt like we just had one more excited friend attending the wedding. Addison, not only are you an amazing photographer, but you are an incredible person. Thank you for everything you have done for us and for leaving us with the most special memories to savor our day.