Palm springs engagement photographer during sunsetIsrael+Gretta

Palm springs engagement photographer during sunset

palm springs engagement photographer

Well, my brother got engaged! My family never does things traditionally, by any means, and this was no exception.

Flashback: it’s Christmas Eve 2014 and Gretta is browsing through interior designers on Instagram for some eye candy. She remembers a vintage mid-century furniture company ( who’s photos she always enjoys. After liking a few posts (mostly the ones with some cute guy modeling the furniture) she says something along the lines of “Nice sofa, Merry Christmas”. Israel, stalking her Instagram and figuring out she loves mid-century furniture as much as he does (plus thinking she was adorable) looked at the family and said “she totally wants me”. We just sat and laughed at him.

Well, fast forward only three weeks, and they decide that they must meet if they are going to continue talking to each other long distance. Gretta was in Harrisburg, PA visiting family after the holidays, so they decided to finally meet halfway. It was love at first sight. They went on a walk through the woods (where 10 months later he proposed), and decided to play board games instead of going out to their nice dinner they had planned. Israel than told the family she was moving in.

They only met in person one more time before he drove 18 hours straight in late March to pick her up in Denver and bring her back to Ohio with him. She quit her job (doing interior design for), packed her bags and her dog, and moved in to join team. (She jokes that Israel was a really good salesman, but he should be as that is his job).

Doing their engagement session in Palm Springs during sunset only seemed fitting. It’s the midcentury meca plus, throw in the beautiful mountains, a little Colorado for her. It really was the perfect combination and they really are perfect for each other. I am so excited to have such a badass sister-in-law !!!!!

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