estes park engagement photosJosh+Janine

Who wouldn’t want Estes park engagement photos?!

Estes park! I mean.. this place is something else. Everywhere you look you are just in awe of the beauty. When I got to the place that we were going to shoot, I looked up and there was a black cloud. “oh shit”…. and it started to DOWNPOUR. Straight up thunderstorms. I got there a bit early so I just sat in my car praying it would pass by and you know what? As soon as they got there the rain passed leaving some amazing light.

Josh and Janine are kinda like Estes park, they are something else. Ohioans who have planted their feet in Colorado. They are such a fun, laid back couple that is always down to be in nature. You can’t help but smile when you see them together.

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