About final

Meet the Team


Little miss independent. She's on her own until she decides she wants pet and flops on you. Her favorite part of editing is being able to lay next to me and swat at the arrow on the screen.

The go to.

A crucial part of the team, because without it, you just can't get through the day.


Mr. fearless. He's the greeter. If you ever see typos in my email, he probably walked across my keyboard.

Just letting you know


See that cutie in the middle? Not sure what happened, but that's me! I am the youngest of 3 and happen to be the only girl. Wanna know what that means? I am VERY good at giving guys direction.. Have a crazy groomsmen party? Don't worry, with years of practice, I'll get their asses in line.


I have since developed a more elevated color palette, but clearly I was meant for this. I have been practicing natural posing since I was 3.

James & Rose

Do you feel weird in front of the camera? Well, as shown, getting people to feel comfortable (even half naked) is something I strive for.