Wow, I don’t even know where to begin. Rozie and Wez (the sisters who produced these cuties) have been family friends since, well forever. If this says anything, Wez used to babysit me.  She is now one busy gal running her dream business with her family called “The Beauty Lab“, which is so freaking awesome I can’t stand it. She customizes makeup for YOUR skin type. You go in there, you say what you want to fix, and she magically comes up with a concoction that will turn your skin around.

Since they both have young kids, Rozie’s duty in the family is to take care of them. We decided we wanted to surprise Wez with a little photo-shoot. I was so excited to do this project because it was something new, and these babies were just so damn cute. I guess at the time I didn’t realize how hard it would be to do children photography. It was frantic. They were running everywhere, our food in which we were bribing them with, all over the floor. It was nuts, BUTT it was so worth it. I have now fallen for children photography.children-photography-ohio-addison-jones-photography-014






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